ABA Therapy in South Carolina


ABA Services in Mount Pleasant, Charleston and Summerville


ABA Therapy in South Carolina

ABA in Mount Pleasant, Charleston and Summerville


ABA Therapy Services in South Carolina

Connec-to-Talk, LLC provides clinic-basedin-home and community-based ABA therapy to children with autism in South Carolina. ABA is a form of therapy for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder to minimize problem behaviors and help develop positive communication. It also teaches skills related to social situations and personal situations.

We offer ABA support in:

  • Mount Pleasant
  • Charleston
  • Summerville
  • and more!

How Can ABA Help My Child?

ABA programs have helped many children with ASD learn important developmental skills through evidence-based treatment methods. One of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAS) creates a custom treatment plan for your child’s specific goals. Our ABA therapists in Charleston work one-to-one with your child under the guidance and direction of the BCBA.

Specific areas that our therapy sessions focus on include:

1. Maximizing positive behaviors and desired behaviors.

2. Working on positive communication skills.

3. Increasing your child’s independence in socializing.

4. Adapting to new environments

ABA Career Opportunities in SC

Our team is growing! We are looking for the best ABA Therapists, RBTs, BCBAs and more! To learn more about our career opportunities click the link below.

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Where do we Provide ABA Therapy in South Carolina?

We currently have one ABA clinic in SC located in Mount Pleasant! Additionally, we offer in-home behavioral services in the cities and towns surrounding our clinic locations. Cities and towns we offer in-home ABA therapy in South Carolina include:

    • ABA in Mount Pleasant
    • ABA in Charleston
    • ABA in North Charleston
    • Mount Pleasant
    • Charleston
    • North Charleston

Clinic-Based ABA Therapy

At our clinic, our therapists provide an environment that facilitates the development of skills such as socialization, generalization, and adaptation. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts craft specialized treatment plans that address the specific needs and objectives of your child.

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In-Home ABA Therapy

Sometimes, it can be beneficial for your child to receive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in their home. An appointed behavior specialist can help reduce any undesired conduct that may be present in the home and show your child the basics of daily life. This type of ABA also provides your family with the chance to become involved in the ABA setting and work on socialization with each other.

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Community-Based ABA Therapy

We give assistance to children with autism in a school context through our community-oriented ABA therapy. We cooperate with multiple schools to supply aid to your kid in a schoolroom atmosphere. These services aim to tackle troublesome conduct in the schoolroom as well as assist your child create the sociable skills required for their everyday communication.

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Looking for ABA Therapy in SC?

We have clinic-based, in-home and community-based ABA therapists ready to help your child in South Carolina.

Let’s Get Started!

Connec-to-Talk provides comprehensive ABA Therapy to children with autism in South Carolina.

      • In-Home Services provided in numerous towns throughout South Carolina
      • Designated Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) or ABA Therapists
      • Parental inclusion in ABA sessions
      • Customized Treatment Plans
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Our South Carolina ABA Therapy Clinic Locations

Mount Pleasant, SC

570 Long Point Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464