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Community-Based ABA Therapy


Our community-based applied behavior analysis (ABA  therapy) focuses on providing support to a child with autism spectrum disorder in a school setting (community based setting such as daycares, private schools, camp). The therapist helps with the day to day social interactions commonly found in community settings. Additionally, the assigned ABA therapist provides behavioral interventions when necessary within the classroom(structured) settings. Through our school(community based ABA) shadow, your child will gain independence and confidence to help make the school(natural environment) experiences more fulfilling.

We provide Community-Based ABA services in and around Danbury, Wilton, Stamford and Madison, Connecticut; Pikesville, Marriottsville and Westminster, Maryland; and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

community-based aba therapy

Community-Based ABA Goals

Personalized Treatment

One-to-one support for your child in the classroom.


Consult with parents, teachers and supervisors to discuss treatment plan goals.

Relationship Building

Promote social interactions and facilitate the development of healthy peer relationships


Building confidence to help you child become an independent member of their community.

Other ABA Services We Provide

In-Home ABA

Our in-home ABA therapy services provide support to children with autism that may be exhibiting poor behaviors in the home or may have a hard time adapting in unfamiliar surroundings. Home-based ABA provides parents an opportunity to receive more effective training to help minimize behaviors that are present in the home. Our in-home ABA therapists work under the supervision of a BCBA (board certified behavior analyst) to ensure your child’s ABA program is effective for their needs.

Clinic-Based ABA

Clinic-based therapy allows our therapists to mimic many aspects of a regular school environment. This includes group activities, following routines, sharing and building relationships with peers, time away from parents, and staying focused in a noisy environment. We want to help your child live a more successful life by developing behavioral and social skills that will benefit them for future years to come.

Benefits of Community-Based ABA Therapy

Our school shadow(community based) ABA therapists are trained on evidence-based practices to help your child thrive in a school(natural environment) setting. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) creates a holistic ABA treatment plan for your child that will be tailored to their specific needs.

  • Collect crucial data of child’s experience in the school setting
  • Help child acquire new skills in the classroom environment
  • Interact with teachers/staff to help support child’s learning style
  • Support child as needed, reduce time with shadow with fading techniques
  • Provide direct ABA support in the child’s natural environment
  • One-to-one ABA therapy throughout the course of the school day

Let’s Get Started!

Connec-to-Talk has provided over a decade of support to children with autism. We strive to provide the most comprehensive Clinic-Based ABA therapy for your child.

  • School Shadow ABA Support
  • Designated Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) or ABA Therapists
  • Behavior Intervention in a classroom
  • Customized Treatment Plans
school shadow aba