Fairfield County, CT Parent

When I first learned about Massimo’s diagnosis (ASD) I was lost with the abundance of information you find online.  I didn’t know what to believe or where to begin. I visited different centers that when I left I felt a sense of loss. My doctor recommended that I look into Connec-to-Talk. From the moment our son had his intake we were captivated.  He responded in a way my husband and I had never seen before. We instantly knew this was our new home. I felt I was part of a team and not alone, like I finally had some direction and a plan of what to do. It’s been 9 months and not one day goes by where I don’t thank God and my lucky stars that we have CTT as part of our lives. Prior to CTT our son didn’t say many words and now he is so verbal and starting to communicate. I never thought I would hear the simple words of “mommy” and now I hear it all day.  We are truly blessed to call CTT part of our family.