Understanding and Supporting Emotional Expression in Autistic Children

Navigating the world of emotions and affection can be a complex journey for children with autism and…

Making Time for Self-Care

Brittany Demma
Being a parent of a child with autism comes with unique challenges. With therapy, appointments,…

Thankfulness: Tips for Teaching Gratitude

Prepared by Ashleigh O’Dell & Alexandria Sauls

The fall season can be…

Picky Eaters

If your child is a picky eater, mealtimes may be accompanied by feelings of worry, frustration, and distress….

Insight on Client Assessments: Details about the assessment process when it comes to ABA

Prepared by Ashleigh O’Dell and Alexandria Sauls

What is an ABA assessment?
Applied behavior analysis…

The Teacher and The Child

Information collected by Alexandria Sauls and Ashleigh O’Dell
Children with autism may face challenges…